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We have been selling teaching materials and holding courses for daycare, nursery, pre-school, and kindergarten teachers for over 15 years.

Bringing together pedagogical practice and research is a keystone of our work, and it is one of our primary aims to support exchange between educators and scholars. Our products and courses draw on years of research and practical experience and are regularly revised and updated.

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Materials for Teaching

Materials for Teaching

Information on
Kuno Beller's Developmental Chart (German edition)
Kuno Beller’s Developmental Chart 0-9 (English edition)
Plakat Entwicklung 1. bis 4. Lebensjahr (only available in German)
Plakat Entwicklung 3. bis 7. Lebensjahr (only available in German)
Plakat Entwicklung 5. bis 10. Lebensjahr (only available in German)

Plakat (Sprach)-Entwicklung im Alltag anregen (only available in German))

ESIA Teacher Training for Interactive Language Stimulation (only available in German)

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Fortbildungsangebote für pädagogische FachkräfteOur courses are tailored for professionals in early childhood education , such as:

Nursery, pre-school, and pre-K teachers and principals, teacher trainers, and daycare professionals.

They focus on topics like:

Childhood development and developmental psychology

Observing child development and using our special observation method

Planning individualized, developmentally appropriate educational experiences to stimulate child development

Integrating stimulation for language development into everyday pedagogical practice

Analysis of the effects of different behaviors and styles of teaching on a child’s self-image, progress in developing skills, and motivation to learn

Informed planning of everyday activities for children at educational institutions

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researchsschwerpunkte Kuno Bellers Entwicklungstabelle

Our Research Projects

Currently, our research focuses on two main fields:

The first phase of the project Modification and Expansion of the Method of Observation of Kuno Beller’s Developmental Chart was to update the method of observation and expand it to include the tenth year of life. This first phase has been completed. While it was primarily concerned with the analysis of current literature and research findings, the second phase will evaluate the revised method on the basis of empirical research.

Our second area of concentration lies in exploring how language development can be stimulated in everyday pedagogical practice and in evaluating the short-term and long-term effects of the use of our model for fostering Language Development in Everyday Pedagogical Practice (ESIA – Nursery Teacher Training for Interactive Language Stimulation).

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